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Vandoos Cable Logo Design Process
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Canada based Vandoos Cable are a distributor of quality audio/visual cable. They contracted me to undertake the design of their new identity.

The Brief

“The logo should appeal to a wealthy 25-45 age audience and should reflect a company who produce high quality products.”

Martin Carle, Vandoos Cable.

Brainstorming & Sketching

This project began, like any other, in the sketchbook. Here’s some early brainstorming and idea generation.


Sketch Work

I usually do anywhere from 5 – 20 pages of sketching before moving onto the computer. I sketch as quickly as possible to get all ideas down on paper before they’re critiqued.

When I feel I’ve got enough potential in the ideas I’ve got down I move onto the computer where further development is done, and usually, more fresh ideas come out at this stage too.

Initial Concepts

After further development, these were the three concepts that I though were strong enough to present to the client.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Client Feedback

Like me, the client preferred the concept 2, but wasn’t sure about the letter “A”. Further revisions were worked up in illustrator and I started working in color.

The final outcome

Black & White

Color Logo

Business Card



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