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Not This Again….
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I’m very sorry people, I know you’ve probably had enough of all this but there has been yet another twist, and it can’t be ignored….

…In approximately five minutes (12.30am BST/4.30PM Pacific Time) GAP are expected to back-peddle on their recent branding blunder and reinstate their old logo.

That’s Right

There’s been a whirlwind of opinion about GAP’s rebrand, some have suggested it was all a publicity stunt, many designers have heavily criticized the new design, one Harnek Khela has stood alone to defend it lol, and there has been outrage at GAP’s crowd-sourcing plans (now to be shelved). GAP have confirmed that the design was genuine, not a publicity stunt, and an announcement is expected to come came moments ago via their facebook page, confirming that they will be reinstating the old logo.

“Since we rolled out an updated version of our logo last week on our website, we’ve seen an outpouring of comments from customers and the online community in support of the iconic blue box logo…. We heard them say over and over again they are passionate about our blue box logo, and they want it back. So we’ve made the decision to do just that – we will bring it back across all channels.”

“…we are clear that we did not go about (updating the logo) in the right way. We recognize that we missed the opportunity to engage with the online community. This wasn’t the right project at the right time for crowd sourcing.”

“There may be a time to evolve our logo, but if and when that time comes, we’ll handle it in a different way.”

Marka Hansen, President Of GAP Brand North America

I’d like to say well done to GAP for biting the bullet and finally making the right decision, but on the other hand, this whole fiasco leads us to believe that GAP really are more confused than ever in trying to define their brand in the modern marketplace.


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Nick Higgs
October 12, 2010 at 8:32 am

Wow, what a mess!

The funny thing is, I didn’t hear anyone saying they shouldn’t change their logo, just that they had messed it up. I think they DO need to realign and progress their brand, the old (current) logo does look like it belongs in the past to me.

October 12, 2010 at 1:54 pm

I disagree actually Nick, I’ve praised their old logo and I don’t think they needed to change it. For me it’s iconic and timeless. They’ve had it for twenty years now and in my opinion it still looks contemporary and relevant.

Maybe they did (and still do) need to update their brand but in this case the logo was not the right place to start.

This whole thing definitely has been a mess, perhaps the most shocking aspect is that it’s now apparent that we; the public, understand their brand better than they do. Which indicates that GAP may have real difficulties going forward, and also raises the question ‘are GAP’s key decision makers in a position where they CAN take this brand forward? God help them next time they make any brand changes.

October 16, 2010 at 9:17 pm

I’m with you Matthem. The original Gap logo is quite iconic; one of the best clothes logos out there. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I do think the change may have been just a stunt, but I don’t think we’ll find out any time soon…

Harnek Khela
October 21, 2010 at 11:08 am

Gutless! Totally and absoloutley gutless! I’m sick of companies always pandering to the ‘online’ community!. They seem to pay more attention to this monority (and it is a monority!) then the people that actually intend to and currently do buy their products!. Absolutly nothing wrong with the new dynamic ‘evolved’ logo!. GAP’s just trying too hard to be seen to be taking on board consumer opinion. The change of heart is a PR stunt in itself -a synical attempt to gain column inches!. I dont think that there has EVER been a new brand logo that has been universaly accepted by everybody!. Talk about ‘one step forward’ but now they have definetly taken ‘two steps back’ Its all too easy for execs to log onto the web and see what the precious ‘online community’ are saying but how many of these actually buy their gear!. Why dont they spend a few quid on genuine market research i.e guys with clipboards in GAP stores and stockist asking what real customers think! Finally I think this saga does raise very signifcant questions about the method of asking people to submit their design ideas rather than coming up with one in house. This is truley a bad day for outsourcing ideas to the public!

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